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This is what your clients need during lock down

At a time of unprecedented change your clients are going online and looking to the internet for tools that can help them manage their staff remotely.

The HR portal can be branded as your firm's own. Your clients log in to their accounts from your website while the Eledecks team look after the tech side of things. You can give your clients access to our toolkits if you wish.

Easily give HR managers access to drafted documents and resources such as the Coronavirus Management Toolkit which has been updated daily during the past 3 weeks. This is what one of our own direct clients said yesterday...

“At the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, as a business owner, I was in complete turmoil trying to sort all of the HR for my staff, within days Carolyn and her team were there to help and support, offering webinars, providing toolkits including compliant furlough letters for issuing to my staff, all accessible via their online portal which was so easy to navigate and helped me get all of my HR in good order. I now have complete peace of mind and assurance that all my HR affairs are up to date and can now focus on running my business calmly and confidently.” Irene Keal​ Sylvester Keal Ltd

We have helped our sponsors provide their clients with the systems they desperately need and rely on during the lock down and beyond to recovery. Take a look at how we market the portal to our own direct clients like Sylvester Keal at

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