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Helping ambitious law firms grow business legal services


01 / engage
02 / collaborate
03 / thrive

Licence our portal software and quickly turn your database of business clients into a vibrant community where your teams are the 'go to experts' 24/7.


Leverage your portal's engagement features to explore and learn about your audience and improve client retention rates, reduce cost of customer acquisition and grow revenues.


Branded as your own, the portal bridges the gap between in-house PMS activity and your client's business world.


It's the online channel your service teams need to collaborate with clients and differentiate themselves as Business Partners when it matters most. 


Use the platform to access client matter materials, share drafted documents and support digital transformation strategy.

The portal feeds rich data to your central CRM system in real time as clients login daily to its compliant staff management systems.


Your portal becomes the client's intranet enabling your firm to reach deeper into their business; build stronger relationships and surface new service opportunities.

Convert weakness into strength and opportunity into reality
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Your brand is the first thing that distinguishes your firm from competitors so we embed it in your client's culture.


We work closely with your teams throughout the project to design and deploy your portal strategy, attain your goals and deliver return on investment.

The campaign focuses on a sequence of client retention, increased client spend and client acquisition.


 An account manager will design an easy to use, fly-wheel system for putting your portal plans into action and tracking KPIs.

Our aim is to ensure the portal becomes part of business as usual for your teams and your clients. 


Eledecks has a track record of continual review and development inspired by our customers needs and expectations which evolve to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Our partners can rely on us to invest in the whole product and keep them more than a few steps ahead of the chasing pack. 



Founded in 2005 by CEO and barrister, Carolyn Mumby, Eledecks Limited is managed by a visionary team spread across various locations in the UK with its main offices in Lincolnshire.   

Our partners include highly respected legal teams in all tiers of the Legal 500 and their successful clients of all shapes and sizes.


Our platform is built for our customers and informed by them every day and we are proud to say the Eledecks portal is regarded as "The only really independent EL compliance management system on the market." NED Legal 2019  


Our vision is to bring compliance teams and their clients together in a data driven ecosystem. 


Hosting a secure, customer-centric environment where experts can collaborate with their clients inside their businesses. 


Maintaining a purpose built channel for communicating advice and tools to put drafting into action.


Helping our partners add quantifiable value and build deeper, more rewarding relationships. 


Cloud based SaaS platform supported by our experienced Customer Service helpdesk.


Architecture designed to support networked marketplace campaigns, integrations and scalable business models.  

SME and enterprise features. Mobile apps come as standard. 

UK based servers. Security and governance managed by Eledecks and described in SLA documentation. SRA compliant.




>1 million logins


99% email client reputation 


 >3 significant dev releases  p/a


15 years portal building 

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Take a look at the client proposition at this link.
When a firm licenses the Eledecks portal we create a website like this for them to show their clients. Branded as the firm's own and complete with login to their white label portal.
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